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The Fishtrap Dam reduced flooding risks and provided a wonderful recreation area. However, graves from cemeteries affected by the dam had to be moved, and most of the graves were relocated to the property that now is known as Annie E. Young Cemetery. Afterwards, the area was left unattended and soon became unsightly.

Larry Thacker's father was buried at Annie E. Young Cemetery after the graves affected by the dam had been moved. At the time, tall weeds and shrubs marred what should have been a peaceful, beautiful place. Families did what they could to maintain individual grave sites, but the cemetery was simply not well kept. Larry felt a profound need to make the cemetery a gracious and inviting place, and in 1984 he founded Thacker Memorial, and purchased Annie E. Young Cemetery. Since then Larry has been engaged in creating a beautiful place where families may gather and reflect upon the lives of their loved ones.

Larry founded Thacker Monument Company in 1987 with the goal of making it easier for families to purchase and install beautiful, lasting monuments. He built the J. U. Thacker Mausoleum in 1990 in honor of his father and to provide the families of Pike County with above ground burial where they can visit in quiet contemplation.

In 1999, Larry purchased what now is known as Thacker Memorial Funeral Home. Thacker Memorial now is a single company that provides all funeral and burial services, making funerals both less burdensome to organize and more affordable.

We invite you to use the website to meet our staff, peruse our monuments, check obituaries or begin making arrangements for a funeral. Larry and his staff are dedicated to the families of the area. Please call any time you need assistance or have questions.

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